Penthouse one south

The Teahouse

The south facing position of The Teahouse creates an ideal microclimate for vegetation to thrive year-round. In response, BIG has designed a home with sun-filled interiors and large outdoor terraces to support lush, thriving greenery. Warm hardwoods and stainless steel complement the plants around the perimeter of the home. A teahouse of minimalistic, light glass has been carefully positioned on the stepped slopes of the south peak, forming a beacon of light overlooking the central courtyard and the city.

First Floor

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We see our projects as active engagements with community, as part of a dialogue between what is built, the place where it is situated and the people who live there. Our projects are conceptualized and designed with an awareness of a much larger urban narrative. We look forward to sharing more information about King Street and continuing the conversation around urbanism in Toronto.

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